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Utah: Saving Us from the Homopocalypse

They’re “banning books” in Utah, if by “banning” one means that the libraries in a school district are placing a book behind the counter so that little Johnny and Janie can’t get at that filthy smut without parental permission. Apparently books about lesbian mothers aren’t allowed in schools in the Beehive State, but since Utah is the biggest consumer of Internet porn per capita, there’s still probably lots of lesbian porn going around. Maybe they can show that in the library, because librarians love to show that "constitutionally protected" Internet porn in libraries. In a slightly creepier move, the school district is also asking librarians to identify books with homosexual characters, presumably so they can weed them from the collection, or at least put little pink triangles on them. I haven’t checked, but the ALA OIF has probably made a statement about this news, and I’m sure their stance would be totally unpredictable. But what they don’t understand is why people ...

Librarian Sex and Status

This seems to be the season for alleged sexually related illegal something or other by librarians or library workers. One story that’s all over the New York news concerns a 33-year-old school librarian in New Rochelle who allegedly tried to seduce a 16-year-old male student in the high school she worked at. She was arrested when she arrived at his house for what she allegedly thought was a sexual encounter with him. Apparently, she’s the only librarian in history who removed her glasses, shook the bun out of her hair, and still nobody wanted to have sex with her. I said “allegedly” a lot because this case looks very suspicious to me. First, it involves a grown librarian pursuing a teenage boy for sex, when it’s well known that teenage boys are terrible at sex, plus they reek of Axe body spray. Second, it involves a teenage boy who supposedly doesn’t want to have sex with anyone who will have him. All very strange. Something about New York just makes kids crazy, I ...

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