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The Copyright ‘Bots are Coming for Us

The great thing about digital technology is how easy it makes sharing information. Or maybe that’s the bad thing about it, depending on your perspective. The BBC reported that if you use the filesharing site Bittorrent, then you’re probably being monitored by one or more monitoring firms, especially if you’re sharing “top 100” content, whatever that might be at the time. I think I’m safe because I only use Bittorrent to download old episodes of Dad’s Army and Falconcrest, but the rest of you had better watch out. The peculiar thing about the firms is that they’re not really doing anything with the data. I would expect massive blackmail attempts, which would significantly up the creepiness level of some areas of the Internet. However, I don’t think that would surpass the creepiness that happened during the online streaming of the Hugo Awards event. This story [via LISNews] is both ridiculous and creepy at the same time. The awards ceremony was being streamed ...

Libraries and a Literary Education

[Before I begin the blog post proper, I want to say farewell to Francine Fialkoff, who is leaving LJ after 35 years (her final editorial is here). Francine recruited the AL to LJ. I don’t think she knew how controversial a move that was, but she defended free speech, alternative views, and critical perspectives all along the way. Anyway, thanks, Francine. I wish you well. It’s been a pleasure.] I ran across this old interview with Ray Bradbury from the Paris Review. My experience with Bradbury’s works is reading Fahrenheit 451, beloved of anti-censors everywhere. It’s amazing how many people want to burn books, from Nazis to redneck ministers to charities against domestic violence. (I don’t know if Fahrenheit 451 is really the temperature books burn at, but since Fifty Shades of Grey is supposedly so hot to begin with, it might burn at a lesser temperature.) When the interviewer asks Bradbury if he’s self-educated, in this case meaning he didn’t go to college, ...

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