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Paranormally Investigating @ Your Library

I guess it was in the spirit of Halloween that last week’s AL Direct linked to not just one but two stories about haunted libraries. According to “paranormal investigators,” a library in Pittsburgh and another library in California are haunted because they both sit atop old graveyards, and you know that’s really a problem if you’ve ever seen one of the Poltergeist movies, because those are based on true stories, at least in the sense that people have built houses on top of old graveyards before. My favorite quote is from the Pittsburgh article, where a person “who has been involved as a paranormal investigator for 20 years...explained the three reasons why a spirit would stay on Earth.” (Is “being involved” as an investigator different than just being an investigator?) The first is unfinished business, if those spirits were victims of a murder or sudden death; second, they want to stay because their loved ones are mourning; and the third – what Kelly believes is the ...

Librarians Check the Facts

Whew, what a week. For my east coast readers, I hope you’re getting powered and gassed and somewhat back to normal after the storm. The only good thing to come out of last week was that Sandy pushed election news from the top of my news reader. I’ve grown weary of Presidential candidates promising me the moon and giving me cheese instead, or not even giving me cheese depending on who wins. Here’s hoping that Wednesday morning it’ll be all over and we won’t have to hear about any Presidential campaign speeches for at least three months, when the campaigning for 2016 starts. Speaking of politics, I ran across a story about some Seattle librarians fact-checking political statements on a Washington state politics website. The story opens with the claim that “nine Seattle librarians are doing something tough, unprecedented and very risky.” Is any of that true? If you consider fact checking to be nothing more than trying to find answers to questions, it’s neither ...

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