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Sex @ Your Library

In case you missed the Titillating Library News Update last week, take a look at this opinion column by a Berkeley student recommending people have sex in the campus library and regaling the world with her sexcapades, or as she puts it, her “classy kissing-and-telling,” unaware of the oxymoron. She also considered having sex in the library and various classrooms a “classy afternoon.” I don’t think that word means what she thinks it means. The column has over 200 comments, and of the few I read none seemed to be favorable, probably for good reason. The author seems utterly self-absorbed. With typical youthful unawareness, she seems to think she’s pushing boundaries. She tells us near the end, “remember that you are definitely not the first person to have had sex on campus, nor will you be the last.” Oh, honey, do you really think people don’t know that? College students have been having sex on campuses since there were college students. Frankly, given the last ...

A Rare Victory

The last post certainly seemed to raise the ire of some readers, and I was told there was "nothing wrong with working for Walmart" among other things. I'm not sure the Walmart workers agree, and they would almost certainly say there was something wrong with the low wages, split shifts, poor benefits, etc. Regardless, it's a perfect example of people who don't get paid much and who have almost no control over their work, and they have to wear special clothes and badges. If you want librarians to have the equivalent status and autonomy of Walmart clerks, fine, but you can leave me out of it. Now on to happier news. There was a brief triumph of libraries and common sense over a large corporation trying to stifle creativity last week. You don’t see that often, so it’s worth a kudos. Infodocket links to the relevant articles about Abbe Klebanoff, a public librarian in Pennsylvania, taking on Sony and winning thanks to some positive news coverage. Sony, the corporation that once ...

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges

Inside Higher Education published a story on changes at the University of Oxford’s libraries, implying that the changes were treating librarians like baristas, who apparently all wear “large bright badges offering help to customers,” at least in the UK. (Is that an American thing as well? Whenever I see baristas I’m often still a little groggy waiting for my caffeine that I don’t notice.) Here’s the description of the offensive badges: Gill Evans, emeritus professor at the University of Cambridge and a regular user of Oxford's collections, noticed at the start of term that staff in the reading rooms with "embarrassed expressions" were sporting big yellow badges saying "ask me." "They were issued with T-shirts too, though a fair few of those could be seen discreetly hung over the back of chairs." Big yellow badges distinguishing some people from others? I seem to recall that was a favorite tactic of a certain dictator a few decades ago, although not even Hitler ...

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