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Librarians and Dating

According to the Daily Mail – and take that for what it’s worth – the online dating site eHarmony looked at their statistics to see what professions the two most popular genders were more likely to date or interact with.

Supposedly, women prefer men in advertising, which I find surprising, although I don’t know why. Men prefer female lawyers, probably so they can make endless variations on the invitation for the lawyers to examine their briefs.

Librarians were also included, male and female. For example, male librarians were least likely to initiate conversations with female teachers.

Male librarians, along with bartenders and caterers, were also the least picky about who they would date. Perhaps if you’re a man in an overwhelmingly female-dominated profession, you have to lower your sights a little, because the pickiest women were going for advertisers, lawyers, and pilots.

However, female librarians were the most picky about whom they would interact with. Perhaps that makes some sense as well. When you’re a female librarian, men usually want you to let down your hair, take off your glasses, and sultrily gaze in their direction until they speak ungrammatically and totally ruin the moment. You have to be wary of that kind of thing.

I have never tried online dating, relying on luck and location to take care of my dating needs over the years. However, I couldn’t help heading over to eHarmony to try to find the full results of the study.

That I couldn’t find, but I did find their listicle 15 Reasons to Date a Librarian. There’s nothing special about it. They have lists for reasons to date everyone from airline pilots to administrative assistants.

Seriously, if you’re dating someone and need a list of reasons based on their profession, it’s probably time to call it quits. And if you’re looking for someone purely based on their profession, you’re limiting yourself dramatically.

I don’t know that the reasons apply to all or most librarians, but I was pleased to discover that they weren’t all insulting. Librarians are literate, well educated, organized, analytical, budget-conscious, and passionate about learning. That sounds nice. I might date one of those.

We’re also great Scrabble opponents, and some of us are great with kids.

Librarians also apparently love what they do and don’t just fall into the job, because “it can be a long journey to finding full-time library work.” That sounds like the voice of knowledge and experience all right.

It might apply more to public librarians than academic librarians, though, since a lot of the academic librarians I know sort of fell into the work after they stopped trying to be professors. Although I guess most of them love what they do as far as it goes.

Were I on the dating market, I’m not sure I would want to date a librarian. On the other hand, at least there’s a lot less phoniness than in advertising.



  1. Moni Rae says:

    This amuses me. ” Librarians are literate, well educated, organized, analytical, budget-conscious, and passionate about learning.”

    I’m in library school right now and thinking maybe I’ll make a poor librarian since I’m not organized or budget-conscious. The rest I totally am. ^_^ he he he. …maybe I’ll be more that way AFTER I graduate. :-D (I work in academic libraries so the “fell into the position” is true for me.)

  2. Midwest SciTech Librarian says:

    “12. Librarians value punctuality. (Otherwise, it’s $0.25 a day.)” — I guess we’re cheap dates too?

  3. Alex Kyrios says:

    If advertising has become really attractive to women, I suspect Mad Men is responsible.

  4. Women prefer men in advertising? Really? Maybe it’s because men in advertising are really good in “selling” themselves. But I prefer “literate, well educated, organized, analytical, budget-conscious, and passionate about learning.” ;-)

  5. Andrew Dzurisin says:

    Personally I love librarians. I myself am a college professor and truly value a woman with intellect. I will admit I have had a few crushes on librarians at my local branches. I will admit men tend to have crushes on certain occupations such as nurses, teachers, etc. I would be librarian on my list. She might actually appreciate a man who knows a Homer outside of Simpson.

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