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Being Mean to Poor Ivanka

The big presidential news of the last week is that Ivanka Trump tweeted something nice about American libraries, and a bunch of librarians were really mean to her. You can read all about it in this article in Footwear News, my new favorite publication.

All she was doing is try to say how important libraries are: “This #NationalLibraryWeek, we honor our libraries and librarians for opening our eyes to the world of knowledge, learning and reading!”

She’s probably never set foot in a public library unless it was for a fundraising gala, but she knows that libraries are really important for those lesser souls who can’t afford their own books, computers, and internet access, and who are unlikely to have their own fashion line.

The public library could be just the place to let some aspiring fashionista apply for the job of designing the next pair of Ivanka Trump, which may or may not be carried at Nordstroms or TJ Maxx.

And what did librarians do in response? They got all snarky on Twitter, complaining about how it was ironic to praise libraries when her father, probably also not a library user, was planning to cut all federal funding for them.

As if that’s her fault.

Then librarians kept piling on about the IMLS. It was IMLS this and IMLS that. Poor Ivanka probably got tired of the whole thing and wished she’d tweeted about something much less controversial than praising public libraries.

Someone even tweeted that “Thousands of American businesses start with, and rely on, the resources found at the library,” although there’s no evidence for that number, or that if they do they rely upon IMLS funding.

There’s a limit to Twitter, it seems. Snark is a lot easier than substance.

It’s important that people point out the relevance of public libraries to forming businesses, because entrepreneurship is probably dear to Ivanka’s heart.

And with enough federal money given to libraries, the sort of entrepreneurship she and her husband and father know best could one day be a reality. They earned their money the old fashioned way: they inherited it.

In addition to information about starting a business, what aspiring entrepreneur wouldn’t be benefitted by a small library loan of a million dollars to get a business up and running? None, that’s who!

That’s the sort of IMLS solution librarians should be urging upon the President.

Supposedly, “she wants to build job growth for Americans,” and what better way to do that than handing them lots of money and hoping some of it proves useful? And if it doesn’t, give them some more!

While being so mean, librarians are forgetting is that Ivanka is the restraining influence on her father. Many unsubstantiated articles have claimed just such a thing.

And we can see how restrained he has been in, for example, Syria. You think the “mother of all bombs” is bad, and perhaps pointless? It could have been a nuclear bomb. Think about that.

With all the restraining Ivanka is doing with bombing Syria, arresting immigrants willy-nilly, and the other shenanigans the President has been up to, we should just be grateful she’s there with her calming influence.

Otherwise, instead of just defunding the IMLS, the NEA, the NEH, and basically any organization of absolutely no use to some of the types of people who voted for the President, Trump could go crazy and try to close down libraries.

That might sound like an idle threat, since most libraries are locally funded for the most part, but not the Library of Congress or various other federal libraries scattered around the country.

Libraries bring knowledge to people, but you don’t need knowledge to be convinced that Trump is #winning. In fact, that’s actually harmful to such beliefs.

So those mean, snarky librarians should be nicer to poor Ivanka. She’s clearly the only person in the entire administration who at least thought it would be a good idea to say nice things about libraries during National Library Week. It’s everyone else we have to worry about.



  1. Cheryl Niemeier says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Libraries and librarians don’t often get mentioned and when they do it is often less than positive. Let’s praise Ivanka for praising us and libraries instead of tearing her and the positive comments down.

  2. Yep, instead of using the tweet to continue a conversation, librarians got snarky and shut it down. That’s really going persuade President Trump to put IMLS back in the budget. (Insert eye roll here.) Civil discourse is not the same as boot licking.

  3. Stephen Johnson says:

    Nice demonstration that snark is indeed a lot easier than substance. Is there a point to this column?

  4. Bibliona says:

    Even though libraries may be funded locally, IMLS helps fund services we could not otherwise provide, such as periodical databases, state-wide virtual reference, and summer reading programs.

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