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Embrace Your Shallowness

I had an exciting couple of days at ACRL in Philadelphia last week, where hundreds of academic librarians gathered to discuss QR codes and the virtues of next gen librarians. Their virtues seem to be that they’re playful, flexible, and seldom wet themselves when boomer librarians give them withering glances for being so whiny. It might take a few posts to get through all of the annoyances of ACRL, but the most annoying had to be the choice of final keynote speaker. “What happens when a renowned fashion expert with an international following comes to ACRL?” asks the program? Obviously, the AL is going to make fun of it. Some were annoyed because they dress so badly. I was annoyed because of the shallow anti-intellectualism the choice of speaker implies. Academic librarians sometimes have the reputation of being the intellectual snobs of libraryland because of all their advanced degrees and book-learning and such. Then there’s all those terribly serious endeavors ACRL involves ...

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