June 18, 2018

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Editorial Director
Rebecca Miller
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Meredith Schwartz
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Senior Editor, Technology
Matt Enis
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Editor, INFOdocket (http://infodocket.com)
Gary Price
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Associate Editor, News
Lisa Peet
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Reviews Director, LJ & SLJ
Kiera Parrott
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Editor, Prepub Alert
Barbara Hoffert
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LJ Reviews Manager, Media Editor
Stephanie Klose
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Fiction Editor
Wilda W. Williams
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Video Editor
Bette-Lee Fox
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Associate Editor
Liz French
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Assistant Managing Editor
Annalisa Pesek
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Associate Editor
Stephanie Sendaula
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Reference & Professional Reading Editor
Mahnaz Dar
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SELF-e Community Coordinator
Kate DiGirolomo
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Assistant Editor
Amanda Mastrull
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Editorial Assistant
Ashleigh Williams
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Design Director
Kevin Henegan
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Art Director
Irving Cumberbatch
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Content Strategy & Audience Development

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Judith L. Goldstein
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Vice President, Events & Business Development
Tracey Fenton
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Director, Inbound/Content Marketing
Roger Jarman
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Senior Web Developer / Interactive Lead
Randy Heller
Tel: 646-395-5231
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Manager, Research / Customer Insight
Laura Girmscheid
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Manager, Integrated Marketing
Bill Grover
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Email Marketing Specialist
Greg Roberts
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Marketing Designer
Katie Goellner
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Events Manager
Inna Stolyarova
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Sales, Advertising, & Business Development

Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Richard Price
Tel: 646-380-0710 • Fax: 646-380-0758
Email: rprice@mediasourceinc.com
Advertising Director
Roy Futterman
Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia
Tel: 646-380-0718 • Fax: 646-380-0758
Email: rfutterman@mediasourceinc.com
Cathy Hoey
Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, Eastern Canada
Tel: 646-380-0725 • Fax: 646-380-0757
Email: choey@mediasourceinc.com
Howard Katz 
Special Sections, Classifieds
Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Western Canada
Tel: 646-380-0730 • Fax: 646-380-0761
Email: hkatz@mediasourceinc.com
Sales Associate
Vilma Sierra
Tel: 646-380-0731
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Production Manager
Nina Quintana
Tel: 646-380-0742
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Email: nquintana@mediasourceinc.com
Sales Assistant
Jennifer Ruzicka
Tel: 646-380-0753
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