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Architectural Nexus works with library directors and administrators to seek, discover and create uniquely designed community libraries. We explore the characteristics, challenges and people that are your community. Our architectural designers lead you and your community in a process of discovery, conducting public outreach, planning and designing your community’s library. Library design is an area of expertise and focus for Architectural Nexus. We seek out opportunities to plan and design modern public libraries. Architectural Nexus, with offices in Utah and California, provides expertise and service throughout the Western United States.

BibliomodelBiblomodel is a premier manufacturer of systems designed to store, display and merchandise a wide variety of printed and digital media. Used primarily in public spaces, the lines are clean, simple, extremely flexible in application and exceptionally stable. Based on timeless Scandinavian design tradition, our product offering has been embraced and installed worldwide. State of the art machinery and advanced engineering are key ingredients of the Biblomodel brand. Skilled designers, engineers and fabricators come together to create flexible solutions for your changing environments. Twenty five years of continued and evolving service have positioned Biblomodel, a subsidiary of Escato Corporation, as a leader in the marketplace.

BrodartBrodart supports libraries by providing solutions to satisfy the unique goals and emerging challenges of the library and education communities. We pride ourselves as being the resource that will empower their evolution for the changing needs of their community. Our service offerings of Books, Supplies, and Furniture distinctly positions Brodart as a single destination, fulfilling the specific support and customization that our customers require.

DemcoWe help to take your vision to reality by combining design services with comprehensive choices in library furniture and shelving. Services include design and layout, project management, and installation. Visit our website to see examples of our installations and for more information on our services and products.

Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning, Inc. is composed of inspired and talented individuals dedicated to creating vibrant public places that cultivate dynamic communities. We are leaders in library planning and design, with experience on hundreds of libraries nationwide. Our library projects have received honors and enthusiastic praise for innovative service, efficient operations, and comprehensive sustainability as well as beautiful design. Group 4’s distinctly interactive process engages diverse user, staff, and stakeholder groups in the process of shaping the future of their libraries and communities.

Founded in 1994, Humphries Poli Architects enjoys working with clients and communities to share knowledge, solve the challenges of the built environment, and celebrate ideas. The firm believes good ideas arise from unexpected sources and better ideas arise from working together.  With a strong blend of architecture, urban design, preservation, and interiors, our company culture offers a profoundly collaborative environment in which to create livable communities through buildings that ennoble the site, inspire the participants, sustain the resources, and bring joy to the users.

The Miller Hull Partnership is an award-winning architecture firm specializing in performance-based design leveraging the latest technology, materials and cultural context in simple, innovative and authentic designs. Capabilities include architecture, master planning, interior design and space planning for a range of public and private buildings, educational and cultural environments, and residences.

Since 1992, Noll & Tam Architects has designed distinctive civic buildings that create welcoming environments for the public. The firm specializes in active community involvement and environmentally responsive design. Noll & Tam is best known for its specialization in libraries and has programmed and designed more than 30 public libraries in California, including Sacramento’s Valley Hi North Laguna Library, LEED Gold, and the new Los Gatos Library, LEED Gold and winner of an AIA California Council Merit Award for Sustainability. Noll & Tam is currently designing the new Hayward Library and Community Learning Center, planned to be Net Zero Energy.

Tech Logic is the leading provider of Automated Material Handling systems, material return drops, and barcode and RFID check-in and check-out systems. Our material handling systems are designed to meet the needs of libraries of all sizes, and can be customized for any space. Tech Logic has also introduced MediaSurfer, the kiosk that lends iPads! Check out all of Tech Logic’s patented advantages to see why our products are the top choice. Tech Logic designs, manufactures, delivers, installs, maintains, and services all of its systems right here in the US.


Friday, May 8, 2015

9:30 am – 5:00 pm

San Diego Central Library
330 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101

Marriott Gaslamp Quarter
660 K Street
San Diego, CA  92101

Rate: $189.00 per night
Reservations: (877) 622-3056
Cut-Off: April 16, 2015
Group Block: Library Journal


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Advertising Director