Thursday, April 26, 2018

Optional Tour Information

The optional bus tour will take participants to vibrant, newly renovated and built libraries in both the Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City systems. We’ll finish up at the City’s acclaimed Main Library downtown for a light evening reception. Sign-up for the tour here.

Tour will pick up from the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center, 220 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

Gather at 12:50 PM in the lobby. Bus transportation will be provided.

1:00 PM: Depart Hotel

1:10 PM: Arrive at Natural History Museum of Utah

Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range and offering stunning views of the entire valley, the Natural History Museum is an expression and extension of the beauty and variety of Utah’s landscape. Its environmentally sensitive and energy-efficient design garnered LEED-Gold certification. In the Canyon, the main gathering place, visitors can explore a three-story display that features more than 500 objects from the Museum’s research collections. Eleven themed galleries spotlight beautifully displayed objects, and innovative, embedded classrooms provide wonderful education spaces. The building provides advanced research facilities for Museum scientists, who oversee the care and curation of more than 1.6 million objects. The Museum partners with Salt Lake County Library on summer reading and other programs. Its learning spaces and the display and merchandising of the collection offer abundant ideas for libraries.

2:15 PM: Depart for the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library

2:20 PM: Arrive at University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library

The University of Utah’s Marriott Library showcases innovative and imaginatively designed spaces that facilitate creativity, discovery, understanding, and enrichment through emerging technologies and applications. The tour will highlight state-of-the-art interactive and immersive library environments that demonstrate the possibilities of makerspaces, technology and learning labs, AV studios, and AR and VR technologies.

3:30 PM: Depart for County Library Millcreek Branch

3:45 PM: Arrive at County Library Millcreek Branch

Designed to meet the needs of a growing community that is home to both new families and retirees, the County Library’s Millcreek branch occupies 20,000 square feet of a 65,000 square foot LEED Gold-certified community center, the Millcreek Community Center. The Community Center opened in April 2012, and, in addition to a public library, it features a café, recreation center, and senior center. Adjacent to the Center is Evergreen Park, a playground, and a picnic pavilion, offering the public a variety of healthy places and spaces for entertainment, education, recreation, art, and culture.

4:30 PM: Depart for City Library Marmalade Branch

4:45 PM: Arrive at City Library Marmalade Branch

Salt Lake City Public Library’s 18,600 square foot Marmalade Branch is the anchor of a mixed-use project in the Marmalade/West Capitol Hill area of the city. The two-story building, designed by Blalock & Partners and completed in early 2016, includes a local coffee and chocolate shop, a Creative Lab with the latest maker technologies as well as “old school” tech, and a large, flexible multi-purpose room with tiered seating to allow for a wide variety of events. Sustainability features, including exterior shading devices and daylight harvesting, garnered the branch LEED Silver certification.

5:30 PM: Depart for Salt Lake City Public Library / Main Library

5:45 PM: Arrive at Salt Lake City Public Library / Main Library

Salt Lake City’s flagship downtown library, opened in 2003, continues to stand as an inspiration for public libraries across the country. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie in conjunction with VCBO Architecture, the 240,000 square foot Main Library reflects and engages the city’s imagination and aspirations. Its features include a six-story walkable curved wall that embraces a public plaza; the striking Urban Room, an atrium with local shops and study areas; an inspiring Children’s Library with rooms for play, creation, and imagination; a rooftop garden complete with urban beehives; and incredible amounts of natural light and stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake City’s skyline throughout the entire building.

Reception and self-guided tour at the Main Library

Sign-up for the tour here.


Friday, April 27, 2018

9:00–9:30 AM: Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

9:30–9:45 AM: Welcoming Remarks

Meredith Schwartz, Executive Editor, Library Journal
Jim Cooper, Director, Salt Lake County Library
Peter Bromberg, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Library

9:45–10:30 AM: Expert Panel 1: Designing for Shifting Collections, Staff Roles

Hear how architects can work with you to design for and manage changing collection priorities (books, media, digital) and new patterns of staff engagement (roaming staff, info kiosks).

Jeff Davis, Principal, Arch Nexus
Additional panelists to come.

Peter Bromberg, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Public Library System

10:30–10:50 AM: Break and transition to breakout sessions

10:50 AM–12:20 PM: Breakout Sessions Featuring Real-Life Library Design “Challenges”

12:20–1:20 PM: Lunch

1:20–1:40 PM: Keynote Presentation: Before You Can Break Ground, or Renovate, You Need To Build Voter Support

John Chrastka, Founder and Executive Director of EveryLibrary, the first nationwide Political Action Committee for libraries, discusses what you need to do to win at the ballot box and get your project funded. Since 2012, EveryLibrary has provided pro-bono support to 75 library communities with ballot measures and tax referenda.

1:40–2:25 PM: Expert Panel 2: New Services, New Spaces

From Early Learning Centers to Teen—and Family—Hangouts to Community Business Hubs, libraries are responding to evolving service initiatives. How can architects help you create, or carve out, spaces that meet these needs?

Jeff Hoover, Principal, Tappé Architects
Mindy Sorg, Associate, OPN Architects

Jim Cooper, Director, Salt Lake County Library

2:25–2:45 PM: Break and transition to Speed Sessions/Think-Tank

2:45–3:45 PM: Speed Sessions/Think-Tank: An Opportunity to Interact with Architects

3:45–4:30 PM: Expert Panel 3: Design Trends from Beyond Libraries—and Borders

What consumer and commercial trends are architects watching, and how do they impact library design? How are libraries outside North America embracing change, and what can we learn from them?

Dennis Humphries, Principal, Humphries Poli Architects
Additional panelists to come.

Meredith Schwartz, Executive Editor, Library Journal