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Architectural NexusArchitectural Nexus works with library directors to seek, discover and create uniquely designed community libraries. We explore the characteristics, challenges and people that are your community. Our architectural designers lead you and your community in a process of discovery, conducting public outreach, programming, planning and designing your community’s library. Library design is an area of expertise and focus for Architectural Nexus. We seek out opportunities to plan and design modern public libraries. Architectural Nexus, with offices in California and Utah provide expertise and service throughout the western United States.
Humphries Poli ArchitectsHumphries Poli Architects is an award winning Denver-based design firm with an acclaimed focus on the design of 21st century public libraries. Our expertise in architectural, urban design, interiors, and historic preservation offers our clients a comprehensive approach resulting in fresh and thoughtful solutions. HPA has been responsible for nearly 90 library commissions since our founding in 1994. We have participated in the vital front end planning public libraries utilize to understand their needs and opportunities to make informed decisions. Our experience includes imaginative designs for new construction projects, renovations, and expansion projects.
MHTN ArchitectsEstablished in 1923 as a local Salt Lake City practice, MHTN Architects is a leading full-service architectural firm with a widely respected reputation for design excellence, sustainable design ethics, professionalism, and integrity. Founded on values of leadership and innovation, MHTN offers a team of over 75 professionals serving clients locally, regionally, and nationally.
OPN ArchitectsLeaders in designing innovative, participatory libraries, OPN Architects has completed designs or feasibility studies for more than 40 public libraries over the past 36 years. This work has been recognized with national awards, in publications, and through invitations to speak at many conferences, including the American Library Association’s national convention in 2015 and 2016. We are library advocates because we have seen the way these most public of all public buildings can catalyze a community. Our practice is built upon strong relationships–with our clients, partners, and each other–and partnering with a community to design a library is always a rewarding experience.
Prescott Muir ArchitectsPrescott Muir Architects, with offices in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, has, since its inception in 1976, developed a national reputation for its finely crafted buildings and thought-provoking urban projects. Its projects are conceived from a range of perspectives, from clearly defining a client’s needs to anticipating growth and transformations in technology, to provide a thoroughly adaptable yet memorable building. The firm provides a wide array of services from institutional strategic facility planning, site selection, and community input in support of programming to project visioning, design, and construction oversight. An ethic for sustainability and ethic utilization of resources is embedded into how we behave, as well as what we do.
Tappé ArchitectsLibraries are the information and idea exchanges essential to lasting community foundations. Tappé Architects’ designs inspire lifelong learning – enticing community engagement with information services in buildings locally loved and nationally recognized. As international leaders of informed thinking on future libraries, we act as prime architect and/or consulting designer for distant library projects. Our collaborative approach and understanding of library design and service innovations yields vital and dynamic facilities which transform individual lives and enhancing communities.

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bibliothecaAt bibliotheca, we support the critical mission of libraries around the globe. Our solutions help libraries connect with their users, engage their communities, and evolve their offerings so they can transform into indispensable, equitable community hubs that inspire creativity, collaboration and life-long learning.


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