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LIBRARY UX: Transforming Libraries, Engaging Communities is a three-part series of free, one-hour webcasts focusing on user experience (UX) design, an unparalleled framework for improving and transforming libraries. By designing your library with the user experience in mind, you have the potential to deepen the connection your library has with its community, and make it a place that people love to use, whether in person or online.

During this engaging series we’ll discuss why UX matters for libraries, share some practical user research approaches, and offer helpful tips on design thinking. We will also focus on three key areas where user experience design can help transform your library and engage your community:

  • The basics of branding and identity development
  • How to audit and improve your library’s online presence
  • Examples of innovative and engaging library programs and services

Moderated by Aaron Schmidt, Principal, Influx Library User Experience and LJ columnist (The User Experience), each session will deliver expert insights and practical tips that can be applied immediately to help your library better understand and engage your community.

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LIBRARY UX: Strategic Branding and Identity Development

BrandingYour library’s brand is more than a logo, and a strategic approach to branding and identity development will enable you to consistently express your library’s values and unique personality to your community. It will make your library memorable and recognizable, show that you care about details, and ultimately increase the amount of trust members have in your library.


LIBRARY UX: Creating Usable and Useful Websites

WebThere’s a good chance that more people visit your library’s website every month than visit your building. When it the last time you took stock of your library’s online presence and how it’s meeting your community’s needs?



LIBRARY UX: Unique Programs and Services for an Engaged Community

CommunityOne of the key principles of good user experience is to design everything with your users in mind. And many libraries are doing exactly that, leveraging a rich portfolio of programs and services that go well beyond just circulating books.


NOTE: Lead the Change programming is designed for ALL library staff members and stakeholders to optimize the contribution and impact of the individual, including directors, librarians, support staff, public-facing service representatives, administration and IT/technical services.


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