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Professional Development for Library Staff

A full-day, live, interactive Lead the Change workshop providing insights and tools to increase all library staff’s effectiveness and performance, and learn how today’s top library leaders are implementing changes and transforming their communities.

Great People Make Great Libraries!

Successful library leaders know that the quality of service they provide depends on the expertise and ongoing professional development of all staff members. In a recent Lead the Change survey* of more than 550 Movers & Shakers from across the country, having “staff with the right skills to meet today’s needs” was consistently among the top three challenges facing their libraries.

Library Leaders At Every Level

This all-new 2015 Lead the Change program is designed to optimize the contribution and impact of the individual library staff member, including librarians, support staff, public-facing service representatives, administration and IT/technical services.

Using a “flipped learning” approach, participants receive materials prior to the workshop allowing time to review, learn, and complete assignments at their own pace. At the live session, participants are then able to spend more time applying key concepts, checking their understanding and extending their learning through interaction, collaboration and workshop activities.

What You Do Makes A Difference.
You Just Have To Decide What Kind Of Difference You Want To Make.

David Bendekovic, program developer and lead instructor at the Pennsylvania Library Association Academy for Leadership Studies, and his co-facilitators, including recent LJ Librarians of the Year and Movers and Shakers, will act as guides, immersing themselves in the learning experience with participants.

Participants at every stage in their career will benefit from learning their strengths and how they can contribute to their library’s success.  Each attendee will walk away with a Personal Action Plan for success, and also get access to The Commons, our online alumni community where librarians can share resources, make connections, and crowdsource solutions to their challenges.

Register your staff today for this unique team building experience OR attend alone to accelerate your career!

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**Please note the MA and MD events will be rescheduled in 2016. Please check back for updates!


9:30 – 10:00AM: REGISTRATION

Know Yourself. – Self-Awareness
Your ability to reach your goals has as much to do with
how you choose to see the world as it does with your
level of education and intelligence. This session will
give you the keys to thinking in a more powerful way
about yourself, the people around you, and the work
you want to get done.

Grow Yourself. – Organizational Awareness

  • What Does Your Library (The People) Believe In?
  • What Is Your Library’s (The People’s) Purpose?
  • What Is Your Library’s (The People’s) Vision For The Future?
  • What Are Your Community’s Aspirations?
12:30 – 1:30PM: LUNCH

Be Your Best Self. – Putting It All Together
A field trip to the library: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act.

Take Your Library With You! – Top Challenges Facing Today’s Libraries
In these interactive breakout sessions, you will explore the top challenges facing libraries in your particular region/state and work in groups to formulate solutions and action plans to effect positive change and move your library forward.



The price of a single ticket to a live Lead the Change event is $80.00. Take advantage of our team builder discount. Purchase 5 or more tickets and receive 10% off of the cost of each ticket. Contact leadthechange@mediasourceinc.com for information on how to receive discounted registration.

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