Lead the Change | Testimonials

“I’ve attended and even led many leadership workshops over the years and this is the best I’ve ever seen.”
—C. Mediavilla, Library Programs Consultant, California State Library

“This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.”
—T. LeBeau, Assistant Director, Livermore Public Library

“How Inspiring! I really enjoyed the seminar and came away with so many take-aways.”
—C. Hany, Communications Director, Pasadena Public Library

“Lead the Change has given me new insight into who I am and what I offer to my library’s future.”
—A. Mendelsohn, Senior Librarian, Youth Services, Los Angeles Public Library

“Talk about thinking outside of the box… I’m now thinking outside of the library! Thank you for a terrific workshop.”
—D. Swanson Centi, Youth Services, Folsom Public Library

“Lead The Chage! is filled with relevant, practical information with examples and ideas. Good leader and interesting guests speakers.”
—M. Penn, Assistant Branch Manager, Gwinnett County Public Library

“Lead The Change! shatters many myths about library services and encourages positive attitude toward the future of library services. Lead the Change is a much needed workshop!”
—S. Shoar, Media Services Manager, Upper Arlington Public Library

“Concrete examples of what libraries are doing in terms of service, programs, etc. to Lead The Change! Great Workshop!”
—T. Sidwell, Reference Librarian, Kate Love Simpson Morgan County Public Library

“Encouraged us to look at ourselves as individuals, institutions, and communities. Overall GREAT workshop!”
—K. Patron, Services Manager, Marion Public Library

“Great motivation on leadership for beginners to seasoned leaders.”
—N. Rall, Director, Library Planning, Geogia Public Library Service

“Lead the Change! is organized, interesting and leads to outcomes.”
—J. Akers, Assistant Director, St Mary’s Library

“Lots of food for thought! I feel ready to get started on our plan!”
—J. Whitt, HR Manager, Upper Arlington Public Library


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