May 11, 2018

Library Referenda 2011: Voters Keep the Doors Open

The referenda landscape of 2011 was punctuated by strong voter support to keep library doors open—but little more. Libraries took a cue from three long years of budget cuts, a struggling economy, dwindling consumer confidence, and weary taxpayers and ventured out to voters with markedly restrained requests.

Warner Home Video Imposes 28-Day Wait on Libraries for Distribution of Theatrical Releases

(Correction: The new “Harry Potter” film debuts for consumers on November 11, and the December 9 release is for libraries. This story has been revised from an earlier version to reflect this correction.) Warner Home Video has recently changed its policy to prohibit the distribution of theatrical releases to libraries and home video rental stores […]

Changing Spaces: Exploring Future User Needs, Sustainability, and Value | Library by Design

LJ’s ninth Design Institute in Minneapolis took a look at the evolving role of library as a community center. Library Journal ’s ninth Design Institute, held May 10, 2011, at the Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis (and preceded by a tour of libraries on May 9), revolved around the idea that libraries’ role as a […]

Goodreads Launches Book Recommendation Feature

Goodreads, the largest social networking site for readers, launched its new recommendation engine today, which draws on ratings made by its nearly six million members on the 190 million books in its database. In March 2011, Goodreads bought the smaller site Discovereads to obtain its recommendation algorithm, which forms the basis of Goodreads’ recommendation engine. […]

A Whole Systems Approach: Integrated Building Design

What if I told you there was a potentially smarter, better, and faster way to build a new library—a process that could maximize innovation and deliver on long-term sustainability goals? Sounds pretty good, right? What if the same process could possibly decrease the cost of your project? Integrated Building Design is such a process. As library […]

The Evolving Book Group: New Formats Mean More Engagement

It’s been a monumental year for the book. The long-anticipated breakthrough of the ebook arrived in full force in January as happy holiday gift recipients filled their new Kindles, Nooks, and iPads with best sellers, a whopping number of romances, and more, and ebook editions outnumber print editions on best sellers lists such as USA […]

How the W3C Has Come To Love Library Linked Data

(Editor’s note: Since the initial publication of this article, the W3C has published permanent links to the final report and the supporting reports.) The number of influential libraries publishing their metadata onto the web as linked open data, which is the heart of the Semantic Web, is growing at a dizzying rate. To further this […]

Texas Governor Signs Budget Cutting State Funding for Library Services by 88 Percent

The new state biennial budget (FY 2012-13) in Texas, signed Tuesday by Governor Rick Perry, will reduce state funding for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by 64 percent and will cut state funding for the agency’s library programs by 88 percent. According to figures provided by the state library, the overall state library […]

Finding the Future: Inside NYPL’s All-Night Scavenger Hunt | Cover Story

500 gamers gathered to connect to the future through the riches of the past via the tools of today They came wearing bowties and fancy hats, skinny jeans and peasant blouses. They came armed with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. On the evening of Friday, May 20, 500 young adults gathered at the New York Public Library […]

In California, All State Funding for Public Libraries Remains in Jeopardy

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed the FY12 California state budget on June 30, the last day of the fiscal year, and it contains a double dose of bad news for public library funding. The budget also contains massive cuts to the state’s higher education system. First, as expected, the budget cuts state funding for […]