February 17, 2018

In California, All State Funding for Public Libraries Remains in Jeopardy

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed the FY12 California state budget on June 30, the last day of the fiscal year, and it contains a double dose of bad news for public library funding. The budget also contains massive cuts to the state’s higher education system. First, as expected, the budget cuts state funding for […]

Product Watch | Library Scanners

LJ looks at how scanners are being used in libraries big and small Think of library scanning, and massive digitization initiatives such as the controversial Google Books project spring to mind. But the varieties of library scanners run the gamut: although some libraries do indeed make use of scanners for large-scale projects involving thousands of pages […]

EBSCO’s NoveList and Goodreads Strike Content Deal

In a major bridge between reader-generated and library-centric content, NoveList, a popular readers’ advisory service used by libraries, will leverage content from Goodreads, the largest social network for readers. The deal would mean that Novelist, a division of EBSCO Publishing, will be able to integrate over 11 million book reviews and 100 million ratings from […]

The Problem Is Poverty | Blatant Berry

Shake the view that service to the poor is a gift from above… Sanford Berman is American librarianship’s first and leading champion of library service to the poor and homeless, as Steve Lilienthal points out (“The Problem Is Not the Homeless”). Decades ago, Berman worked with the Minnesota Library Association’s Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) […]

The Problem Is Not the Homeless

People living with substandard housing are in need of innovative library service The number of people who are homeless is on the rise, as is library service for them. Still, many librarians and library administrators believe they cannot meet the needs of this group since homelessness is such a complex issue. It often reflects the […]

Unlocking HathiTrust: Inside the Librarians’ Digital Library

What every librarian should know about this huge “digital library by libraries for libraries” I had a great lesson in misperception correction not long ago as I was writing a LJ post called “A Rising Tide: The Academic User and the Ebook Experience,” which examined academic ebooks from a (critical) user perspective. The inspiration for […]

17 Best Green Practices from LJ’s New Landmark Libraries

Green means a lot to the future of library design. An important criterion for LJ‘s New Landmark Libraries project is sustainable design, and the winners are models of green choices inside and out. Some communities, like Phoenix, have their own mandatory green building requirements for public facilities while others require a specific level of LEED […]

Print on the Margins: Circulation Trends in Major Research Libraries

Everyone knows, or ­assumes, that use of academic libraries’ physical collections—especially of printed books—is dropping. It’s been a topic of discussion for years, and statistics bear out the conventional wisdom: the 2007-08 statistical report of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) indicates a 26% drop in initial circulations for its member libraries since 1991, while […]

What Are We Doing With Social Media? | From the Bell Tower

It’s now been several years since academic libraries began dabbling in social media. Are we are any closer to strategically capitalizing on it to improve our relationships with students? The application of social media in higher education is in the news because of the attention being garnered by John Maeda, university president at the Rhode […]

Fiction BackTalk: Summer Reading Sans Gender Stereotypes

The May 1 issue of Library Journal presented its annual “Men’s Summer Fiction” roundup, featuring the latest books from Ace Atkins, Gregg Hurwitz, and Mike Lawson, among others. That list stopped me cold—I have read and enjoyed most of the included authors. Curious, I looked at the “Women’s Summer Fiction” piece in the same issue […]