June 18, 2018

Managing Libraries

Saskatoon Public Library Readies for Staff Restructuring

As Canada’s Saskatoon Public Library, Saskatchewan, nears the launch of its new organization-wide restructuring, employees are both excited and apprehensive about their new roles, library leadership is optimistic about the shift to a community-led model, and negotiations with the library workers’ union are still in progress.

Bench Building | Leadership

Success for your library means offering staff room to move up and having a plan for who can grow into their spots—even yours.

Leading Inside & Out | Leadership

Library leaders often also head citywide initiatives and national associations. How do they balance the demands of both?

Lisa Rosenblum, New King County Library System Director

On January 16, Lisa Rosenblum became the new executive director of the King County Library System (KCLS), the 2011 Gale/LJ Library of the Year. LJ caught up with her to hear more about switching libraries, coasts, and communities.

Aurora Public Library Removes Controversial Poem from Display

The Aurora Public Library (APL), IL, took down a controversial poem displayed at its Santori Public Library that appeared to express anti-Muslim sentiment and violence against Muslim women. The poem’s author, George Miller, professor and chair of the philosophy department at Lewis University, Romeoville, IL, stated that it was written as satire and not intended to be anti-Muslim.

Oregon Governor Fires State Librarian

In a decision that caught many members of the Oregon library community by surprise, Gov. Kate Brown fired Oregon State Librarian MaryKay Dahlgreen on March 13.

From Change Management to Change-Ready Leadership | Leading From the Library

Leading change management is a critical task for leaders. In a constant change environment, leaders need to do more than manage change, they need to create a change-ready culture.

Library Leaders Need to Get a Clue about Self-Awareness | Leading from the Library

We learn that good leaders have the quality of self-awareness. What exactly does that mean and how do you know if that describes you? Not sure? Here are some things library leaders can do to boost their self-awareness.

Lance Werner: LJ’s 2018 Librarian of the Year

If you ask Lance Werner, executive director of the Kent District Library, MI, and LJ’s 2017 Librarian of the Year, what makes him a strong leader, an effective legislative advocate, and a champion of access for his patrons, his answer is simple: it’s all about forming relationships.

Micromanaging Library Leaders Rarely Know the Damage They Do | Leading from the Library

Leaders are advised to relinquish control in favor of empowering staff. Giving up that control can be hard for some, especially when they are apt to micromanage workers. The key is to recognize it and then work on behavior change.