April 23, 2018

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Professional Development for Today’s Librarian
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There’s No Such Thing as Library Leadership | Leading From the Library

There’s leadership. Then there’s library leadership. Or is there? Is being a leader in a library so different that it is a leadership entity unique unto itself? A library leader is ultimately, a leader who performs their work in a library, but what makes him or her a leader is not unique to the library setting.

Evolving To Meet Community Needs | Lead The Change

THE MULTNOMAH COUNTY Library District had the honor April 16 of hosting LJ’s leadership event series “Lead the Change! Oregon.” In anticipation of the day, I reflected on the varied leadership roles I’ve assumed over the years—from my days as spaceship commander during first grade recess to choir president in high school to more formal leadership roles. I also reflected on those around me in leadership roles from whom I’ve gleaned so much.

Exercise Your Leadership Skills | Lead the Change

If you are like me, your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator starts with a capital I, not an E, so networking with others does not come naturally. We have to work at it. But building connections with decision-makers, colleagues, and staff are essential to leading, supporting and defending our organizations, and to cementing libraries as vital to community livability.

Leading by Noticing | Lead the Change

(Editor’s Note: LJ’s Lead the Change program will be offered in eighteen additional cities in 2013 and will be in the Rochester, New York area on March 28. The upstate/western New York program is being hosted by the Rochester Public Library and Monroe County Library System and will take place at the Greece Public Library, Greece, […]

Career Services at the Library without Spending a Dime | Lead the Change

When Lead the Change came to Darien, CT, on September 18, B.A. David Company founder David Bendekovic called on a variety of local experts to add their experiences to the core presentation. Among those experts was Matt Poland, CEO of Hartford, CT, Public Library (HPL), who shared the story of how Hartford started a library-based outplacement service that didn’t cost a dime.

The Importance of Building Relationships | Lead the Change

How do you connect the dots and facilitate positive change in a State that is fragmented? Many people would argue that all states share similar dynamics, but I would argue that South Carolina is unique. We have progressive urban communities while parts of our State are reminiscent of third world countries. Our communities are fiercely independent as well as starved for resources. Our political climate is fragmented beyond the two-party system while our patrons, customers, users, and investors are screaming for help amidst a storm of bureaucracy. It seems no one is listening.

Do You Think You Make A Difference? | Lead the Change

Peter Drucker once said that librarians are human change agents. That their product is a child who learns, a young person grown into a self-respecting adult; a changed human life altogether. When you first look in the mirror in the morning, do you say to yourself, “Today, I’m going to change someone’s life!”?

Libraries Need Leaders At Every Level | Lead The Change

Hennepin County Library is a national leader of library service, innovation and excellence. In that spirit, we were proud to host “Lead the Change! Minnesota” on August 21 at Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Staff from across HCL and other systems had a unique opportunity to engage with library directors from the seven-county Twin Cities […]

Virtually Branching Out | Lead the Change

The idea that libraries need to take their services “outside the building” is well-established, from bookmobiles to digital branches. But more innovative, effective, inexpensive ways to take the library into the community are still needed. At the recent Lead the Change event in at Denver Central Library, presenter David David Bendekovic cited Southlake, TX, Public Library’s […]

Leadership Is Not a Static Endeavor | Lead The Change

Leading today’s libraries demands fluidity, which requires the willingness to recognize the need for change, and then, the ability to lead that change. And, as we say at the Lead the Change sessions, “You don’t need a title to be a leader!”