February 17, 2018

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Professional Development for Today’s Librarian
LJ Profesional Development logoStay ahead of innovations and changes impacting the library profession with timely resources and tools from Library Journal and School Library Journal. Staff and stakeholders from all settings and at all levels can participate in hands-on live workshops, enroll in immersive online courses led by leading industry professionals, and access insightful webcasts covering a range of relevant topics.

Library Support Requires Active Leaders | Lead the Change

Are extraordinary initiatives the business of public libraries and their leaders? In my view, they exemplify the leadership role for public libraries.

Lead the Change: Preparing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Challenges

LJ’s 550 Movers and Shakers and staff from libraries honored as LJ Library of the Year have formed the core of the real-world library leaders who serve as examples and guest speakers at the workshops.

Lead the Change

It just keeps getting better. I continue to be blown away by the hunger in libraries for marketing — not just the promotion side of marketing — but bona  fide market research. This week’s Lead the Change session, held at my library gave me new inspiration. 100 library staff from the five-state area around Ohio gathered […]

The Whole Story: There’s Way More to LJ Than What’s on Paper | Editorial

If you’re reading this in print and only in print, you may not realize it, but you’re not getting everything that Library Journal has to offer.