Is Open Access the first step towards Open Science, Open Research and Open Knowledge? What's even meant by those terms, and what's involved? This module will look at key aspects of the Open Science movement—Open Data, Open Education and Open Interoperability—and how they apply more universally.


Open Science: Beyond Open Access Is Collaboration Enough? Open Science: Beyond Open Access

Collaboration can be a major driver for success. When data is shared among researchers, analysts and stakeholders, the opportunities for innovation and development increase exponentially, particularly in the medical and science fields. To be most effective, the Open Science framework demands more than simply sharing data–it requires dedication, transparency and responsible publishing.

Join this webcast to learn from our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges and benefits of Open Science in the context of global health and medical concerns. They will explain how the disruptive concept of Open Data can reshape and improve the nature of research and results.



"What’s still missing from the Open Access equation?"
(Lisa Schiff, Apr 2017)

"What is a good, concise definition of Open Science and its components?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"How will Open Science change the nature of scientific research and methodology?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"What will the Open Science discussion look like in 5-10 years?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"What is Open Science?"
(Robin Champieux, Jan 2017)

"What are the benefits of Open Science for researchers and institutions?"
(Robin Champieux, Jan 2017)

"How will Open Science change scientific methodology itself?"
(Robin Champieux, Jan 2017)

"Where are with open access for non-textual material (research data, multimedia, etc.)?"
(Sayeed Choudhury, Dec 2016)

"What is the future of the version of record?"
(Dr. Stephen Pinfield, Aug 2016)

"What are you capturing and how are you capturing it?"
(Judy Ruttenberg, Jun 2016)

"What was your thought process when creating Knowledge Unlatched?"
(Dr. Frances Pinter, May 2016)



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