How can libraries support the practical aspects of Open Access? In this learning module, we shed new light on technology, funding mandates, licensing options, institutional repositories, and more.


Open Access: How to Support Researchers Open Access: How to Support Researchers

Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 3:00PM–4:00PM ET / 12:00PM–1:00PM PT

OA has been growing steadily, but while it's becoming more established, it is still a model undergoing transformation. By definition, open access is the free and unrestricted access to scholarly and scientific work, but the system remains unbalanced and the practicalities of implementation are challenging. Issues like funding models, copyrights, predatory practices and discoverability are considerations that must be factored. To ensure success, researchers need guidance and support to perform vetted analysis and establish clear policies.

View this webcast to learn about the common challenges surrounding Open Access and how several experts have made significant gains by providing publishing platforms, encouraging scholarly communication and delivering detailed cost analysis into the benefits of Open Access frameworks.



"Are there existing standards for institutional repositories practices and metadata?"
(Anneliese Taylor, Apr 2017)

"Is there a way librarians can promote best practices in journals outside their own institutions?"
(Lisa Schiff, Apr 2017)

"How will libraries need to change as Open Science becomes more accepted?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"What kind of skill sets will librarians have to acquire (or improve)?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"What are the intellectual property issues stemming from Open Science?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"Are patents sufficient protection for this type of intellectual property?"
(Kelly Gonzalez, Jan 2017)

"What technologies and skill sets do librarians need to deal with Open Science?"
(Robin Champieux, Jan 2017)

"What are the intellectual property issues affected by Open Science?"
(Robin Champieux, Jan 2017)

"Where does open access awareness, participation, and usage stand these days?"
(Sayeed Choudhury, Dec 2016)

"Do different discipline-based approaches to open access present a challenge?"
(Dr. Stephen Pinfield, Aug 2016)

"What are repositories doing well, and what could they be doing better?"
(Kathleen Shearer, May 2016)

"What can be done to improve discovery of open access materials?"
(MacKenzie Smith, Mar 2016)



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