Our dynamic and informative webcasts feature best practices in open access from leading industry experts, delivered in 60 minutes and viewable either live or on-demand.

Open Access: Advocating for Change Open Access: Advocating for Change

Two main forces drive the OA movement: the need to find an alternative to current subscription models and the overwhelming benefits to providing freely available, peer-reviewed research findings to more people. Despite the momentum, and despite significant backing from institutional and government funding sources, widespread acceptance of open access has progressed more slowly than many advocates had hoped.

Join this webcast to gain insight and perspective from our experts on the barriers and common misconceptions about OA, and offer some strategic and practical advice. They discuss how OA can emerge as a key asset for authors, publishers and researchers–and essentially benefit humanity as a whole.

Open Access: How to Support Researchers Open Access: How to Support Researchers

Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 3:00PM–4:00PM ET / 12:00PM–1:00PM PT

OA has been growing steadily, but while it's becoming more established, it is still a model undergoing transformation. By definition, open access is the free and unrestricted access to scholarly and scientific work, but the system remains unbalanced and the practicalities of implementation are challenging. Issues like funding models, copyrights, predatory practices and discoverability are considerations that must be factored. To ensure success, researchers need guidance and support to perform vetted analysis and establish clear policies.

View this webcast to learn about the common challenges surrounding Open Access and how several experts have made significant gains by providing publishing platforms, encouraging scholarly communication and delivering detailed cost analysis into the benefits of Open Access frameworks.

Open Science: Beyond Open Access Is Collaboration Enough? Open Science: Beyond Open Access

Collaboration can be a major driver for success. When data is shared among researchers, analysts and stakeholders, the opportunities for innovation and development increase exponentially, particularly in the medical and science fields. To be most effective, the Open Science framework demands more than simply sharing data–it requires dedication, transparency and responsible publishing.

View this webcast to learn from our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges and benefits of Open Science in the context of global health and medical concerns. They will explain how the disruptive concept of Open Data can reshape and improve the nature of research and results.

Open Access: The Future of Funding Who Pays the Freight? Open Access: The Future of Funding

In this on-demand webcast, our experts explore the radical re-thinking toward a large-scale APC-based business model that could work well for many scientific disciplines. Attendees will get a clearer understanding of exactly what has been recommended, the evidence in support, and the arguments against.