February 17, 2018

Working the Halls of a Typical State Legislature | Advocate’s Corner

In spite of the gridlock associated with the U.S. Congress, state legislatures across America are presently hard at work. Like many, my home state of Maryland is currently grappling with a series of complex and controversial issues, many of which impact libraries.

Library Foundations Raise Money for Libraries… Right? | Advocate’s Corner

Everywhere you turn in the world of libraries these days, you hear people talking about the need for private fundraising. ALA conferences have multiple concurrent sessions on fundraising, articles dealing with fundraising in library publications abound, and listservs everywhere are dissecting the pros and cons of private fundraising.

Why Advocate for Libraries? | Advocate’s Corner

Humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the esteemed Library Journal, I hope I can lend some lessons from my twenty-plus years of politics to the cause of “selling the library.” Before taking up that challenge of how to advocate, I think it important to say a few words about why we need to advocate.

Advocacy is a Must for Public Library Trustees | Advocate’s Corner

Libraries need more vocal advocates than ever. It seems clear that trustees, as some of a library system’s more visible volunteers, need to make their voices heard with regard to advocacy as well.

Top Four Things Library Supporters Can Do To Make a Difference | Advocate’s Corner

If you work in a library, sell to a library, support a library, or have ever walked into a library, your life has been impacted by policymakers who often have no idea who you are or what you do for the community. Perhaps more important, they will continue to have no idea unless you tell them.

Advocacy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes | Advocate’s Corner

We hear the word advocacy used a lot these days. And I have heard definitions of advocacy that are all over the board. Some people define advocacy as speaking up about the importance of a topic (such as libraries) to their friends, neighbors, and even strangers they may encounter. Others talk about advocacy as being a targeted public awareness effort. For purposes of this column, I will be referring to advocacy as a political process in which we speak to our elected officials about the importance of an issue and request specific action on their behalf such as increasing funding for the issue.