June 18, 2018

Alison Circle: Bubble Room

Master library marketer Alison Circle on promoting your library’s brand and value.

The Innovator’s Dilemma – what it means for libraries

I’ve been re-reading this classic title, The Innovator’s Dilemma’s by Clayton Christensen, as I continue to think deeply about libraries and marketing and now as Chief Customer Experience Officer. It’s nothing less than a textbook for libraries as we move into an ambiguous future turned upside down by eBooks. I know, I know. You’ll say […]

Latest Patron Profiles

I hope you subscribe to Patron Profiles, an important effort by Library Journal designed to understand the behaviors and preferences of U.S. library users. The latest issue is now out, and focuses on “Library Websites and Virtual Services.” In conjunction with Bowker, LJ surveyed U.S. library users to understand preferences around websites — who uses […]

Building A Future Vision

I’m sitting at the airport in Columbia, South Carolina, thinking about libraries. I’ve spent a great day with around 40 library directors throughout the Palmetto State who gathered together to wrestle with big issues. Melanie Huggins, director of the Richland County Public Library hosted, and Denise Lyons from the State Library of South Carolina brought […]

Big News, Y’All!

This week we made a big – organizational and personal – announcement: I have been selected as CML’s new Chief Customer Experience Officer. The CXO, for short. Wow!

Lonely for Marketing Support? Join the AMA

I spent the weekend at a Westin near O’Hare, joined by fellow marketers from across the U.S. All of us are board members of the American Marketing Association and come from all kinds of professions. I’ve been a member of the AMA for a while, but I learned so much of what the association has […]

Purpose Before Task

This simple phrase sums up my entire marketing approach. I came across it last Sunday, reading the New York Times and a feature on the Disney Institute’s customer service training.  Purpose Before Task. What does that have to do with marketing? Everything. 1. Why is this the message we are delivering? Many libraries have Homework Help […]

Lead the Change

It just keeps getting better. I continue to be blown away by the hunger in libraries for marketing — not just the promotion side of marketing — but bona  fide market research. This week’s Lead the Change session, held at my library gave me new inspiration. 100 library staff from the five-state area around Ohio gathered […]

Steal This Idea

Looking for ways to create a new library card campaign? Hartford Public Library  invited customers to create  theirs, and it might give you the inspiration you need. Using Facebook and Twitter, the library asked customers to submit copy ideas for the new cards. Top ideas made it onto new,branded cards, and customers can choose their favorite:  Show Me […]

Turning Website Data Into Business Intelligence

Join me for a free webinar: Turning Website Data Into Business Intelligence.  Any marketing professional is obsessed with business intelligence:  what is the goal of our effort and did we achieve it? What do people think, feel and believe about our effort and are we delivering on it? Many marketing tools come equipped with great metrics to […]

Is Advertising Dead?

I’ve pretty much given up all my advertising dollars. Measuring the value and impact of  advertising is a challenge, and — in today’s world — a narrowcast message is cheaper and more impactful than a broadcast one. Not to mention that our local daily newspaper is reformatting itself down to a tabloid size from a  classic […]