March 16, 2018

Leadership and Management in Action | Focus on Leadership and Management

All of the advanced warnings were precise and dire; a mega storm was about to batter the City of Wishmere with torrential rains and gale force winds. The community’s Emergency Preparedness Task Force met earlier in the day to review and revamp its community disaster strategy, in light of the unusually severe weather forecast, and […]

A Look at “Profiles in Leadership” | Focus on Leadership and Management

Leadership has become one of the most popular terms when applied to human behavior, particularly with regard to the operation of an organization, the actions of government, or the success of other entities or endeavors. In some cases, it has been used interchangeably with the term management, thus confusing the differentiation commonly cited between the two words.

Leadership vs. Management | Focus on Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are two of the more frequently used terms related to the operation and success of any organization, regardless of its products and/or services. This is especially so in the nonprofit arena, where doing more with less has been the rule over the past several decades. Libraries and information centers are very much a part of this environment, and must be well led and well managed if they are to continue to survive and thrive.