February 17, 2018

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Was It “Write An Article About Libraries” Week? | LJ Insider

Maybe it was just a slow news week between Christmas and New Year’s, causing editors to pull out the evergreen (pardon the pun) articles. But this past week has been a big one for thinky pieces about the future of libraries in the mainstream media. There’s nothing much new here for the plugged-in librarian, but there may be much that you’ve long been grappling with that patrons are now hearing for the first time. So if you’ve been offline for the holidays, here’s what you missed:

Ten Awesome Gifts for Librarians | LJ Insider

Inspired by School Library Journal’s 2012 Librarian Lump of Coal Gift Guide, and selected by the completely subjective methodology of “I thought it was cool,” here are 10 gifts for the librarian you actually like.

LJ’s Best Books and Media of 2012

The LJ Reviews staff has been busily considering and compiling their selections for the top titles of 2012 (the cover of our December 2012 issue in this post lists the first line of each of our top ten picks—do you recognize them?).

Disengage: Measuring Engagement with Etexts Could Cripple What It Means to Assess | LJ Insider

I’m a writer, and a geek. So if CourseSmart had wanted to track students’ use of its etextbooks to improve the texts themselves, I could totally sympathize. But it seems to me that CourseSmart wants to use those analytics to fix, not the book, but the reader, and that has the potential to disturb privacy advocates and put students off etextbooks altogether.

Catching What I Could at the Charleston Conference | LJ Insider

The weather in Charleston, SC, in early November is perfect. Not so much the weather in New York City, where a Nor’easter added insult to Sandy’s injury early last week, just in time to keep me from the first half of my first Charleston Conference.

LJ Directors’ Summit: MOOCs, Museums, Poets, and Irises | LJ Insider

Library Journal’s upcoming Directors’ Summit at the Los Angeles Public Central Library made me think of irises, one of my favorite flowers, regardless of the variety. The problem with irises, aside from the occasional borer, is that they bloom so ardently, with rhizomes ever productive, that after three of four years the gardener has an […]

Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks | LJ Insider

The company has said it before but are librarians paying attention to what it could possibly mean?

NYPL President Releases Extensive Statement About Future of Library

Anthony Marx, the president of New York Public Library, posted today an extensive question and answer document about the future of NYPL  on the library’s Huffington Post page.   The document includes details about renovation plans for the flagship Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, including these comments: As for the invaluable research collections, the plan addresses very […]

Library of Congress Seeks Feedback from Users of Bibliographic and Cataloging Products

The Library of Congress is soliciting help in a survey of bibliographic and cataloging products. The survey is to determine the value and use of the products.

ALA Legislative Scorecards for 2011 Now Available

The American Library Association today released its legislative scorecard for the members of the House and Senate in 2011.