February 16, 2018

2010 Survey

Stagnant Salaries, Rising Unemployment | Placements & Salaries Survey 2010

LJ’s annual Placements & Salaries Survey, with 1,996 respondents representing 38.7% of the approximately 5160 2009 LIS graduates, found an uptick in starting salaries, but bigger bumps in part-time and temporary jobs, an expanding gender gap, setbacks for minority graduates, and a drop in the number of total graduates. On the up side, it also identified new roles in and beyond libraries, some regional hotspots and more silver linings. Participants relayed many tales of triumph and travail, illustrating another struggling job market with a few glimmers of hope and achievement.

Make Sure Your School Gets Counted

If you are a faculty member or a director and your school did not respond fully, now is the time to get started on the survey for 2010 grads for the 2011 survey. There are three stages in the annual LJ Placements and Salary Survey. The school must provide the name and email address of […]

Survey Methods

We received responses either through the institutional survey or individuals representing 44 of the LIS schools surveyed in the United States and from 1,996 of the reported LIS graduates. Michigan and Wisconsin (Madison) prepared their own surveys. Arizona provided only the institutional data. Schools were provided the choice of responding by paper or electronic survey, […]

Explore the Data

Dig into the survey data, broken down by region, salary levels, type of job and organization, and more.             Comparison of Salaries by Type of Organization                

As the Grads See It

Disappointment and disillusionment were words that the 2009 graduates used frequently when describing their postgraduate expectations. Some even expressed the wish that they had selected different areas for their graduate studies, such as health-care administration or nursing. Yet others felt great satisfaction with their new jobs but tempered it with comments that they considered themselves […]

Growing Equity Gap

Each year’s survey provides an opportunity to examine the health of the profession through multiple lenses, focusing on the experiences of individual subsets of graduates. Profession wide, women continue to dominate (representing 80% of the graduating class), and with that comes an inherent salary gap and glass ceiling. At the high end of starting salaries, […]

Where Are the Jobs?

Regional economic instability appeared to have limited impact on average starting salaries for new graduates; however, the same economic uncertainty is reflected in the levels of regional unemployment among these same graduates. The two regions that felt salary compression were the Northeast ($42,346, 3.7% below 2008) and the Southeast ($39,525, 1.1% below 2008). The Northeast […]

The Recession's Toll

“Jobs…what jobs?” asked many of the 2009 LIS graduating class following another year of stagnating salaries and rising unemployment. There was strong participation in the annual survey, with 1,996 respondents representing 38.7% of the approximately 5160 LIS graduates. Interestingly, the LIS programs reported a 7% decrease in the total number of graduates between 2008 and […]

The View from the Schools

In 2009, there appeared to be an overall decrease in the number of students graduating, with an average reduction of approximately 7% reported by the LIS programs. This suggests that students may be taking longer to complete their studies given the current economic environment; there may be a decrease in overall enrollment in the LIS […]

The Lucky Few: Three New Librarians Tell It Like It Is

I remember reading my first Placements & Salaries issue of LJ. I was a recent graduate, and the economy had officially hit an all-time low. The Chicago sheriff was making headlines for refusing to kick renters out of foreclosed apartments, and gas prices were soaring. I looked at the cover and realized that with my […]