February 17, 2018

Professional Media

By LJ Staff Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Information Today. 2009. 200p. ed. by Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher. illus. index. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4. $59.50. PRO MEDIA This book describes the spread of technological resources to underserved populations, as exemplified by the impact of community technology centers in the state […]

ALA 2010 Midwinter Meeting: $650M in Fed Funds Sought for Lib Jobs

By Norman Oder ALA 2010 Midwinter Meeting – American Library Association – Library Journal 13,000 jobs could be created Formula based on population and need Discussion at Midwinter Meeting Is there a way for Washington to boost libraries and library jobs as well as job seekers? The American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office has proposed […]

In Charleston Conference Keynote, Lankes Urges Librarians To Embrace Social Action, Conversation

By Josh Hadro New mission for librarians: knowledge creation in their communities "The best days of librarianship" still to come Revised professional emphasis necessary Librarians are "noble agents" of society In a fast-paced and funny keynote address (audio; slides) at the 29th Annual Charleston Conference that built to a nearly evangelical conclusion, Syracuse University’s R. […]

Webcast: Doing More with Less: ‘Training Up’; in Tough Economic Times

By Dodie Ownes Representatives of public library, school, and LIS report on value of training Training never stops Focus on your institutions’ goals and customer expectations Top down and bottom up training works Resources and tools for learning new technologies are plentiful The “Training Up” webcast, sponsored by Polaris Library Systems and Library Journal, featured […]

LJ’s 2009 Placements & Salaries Survey Shows Tough Library Job Market

By LJ Staff As LJ’s just released 2009 Placements & Salaries Survey shows, the tough economy is playing out in LIS hiring as well. As LJ‘s just released 2009 Placements & Salaries Survey shows, the tough economy is playing out in LIS hiring as well. Even before the general economy’s bloodletting of 2009, 2008 graduates […]

Placements & Salaries Survey 2009: Tables

By Stephanie Maatta Placements and salaries of 2008 graduates by region, school, and organization Table 1: Status of 2008 Graduates* Number of Schools Reporting Number of Graduates Responding Permanent Professional Temporary Professional Non-professional Total Graduates Outside of Profession Unemployed or Status Unreported Northeast 12 532 275 42 70 387 72 72 Southeast 9 325 182 […]

Lousy Job Market, Great Career

By Francine Fialkoff, Editor-in-Chief Library prospects may appear bleak right now, but don’t give up Just half a year before June 2008 graduates flipped the tassels on their caps from one side to the other, the recession officially began. They walked out into a job market where, as one fall 2008 University of South Florida […]

Placements & Salaries Survey 2009: Change Agent: Kristin Centanni, Class of 2008

By John N. Berry III A recent SLIS graduate working in change management shares her insights   Kristin Centanni’s job search came before the recession got to its deepest levels, a jump-start that may have made all the difference. A 2008 graduate of the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at Indiana University (IU), […]

Placements & Salaries Survey 2009: Make Sure Your School Gets Counted

By Stephanie Maatta Now is the time to get started on the 2009 LJ Placements & Salaries Survey. Deans, Directors, and Chairs If you are a faculty member or a director and your school did not respond fully, now is the time to get started on the 2009 survey. There are three stages in the […]

Placements & Salaries Survey 2009: Survey Methods

By Stephanie Maatta 2009 LJ Placements & Salaries Survey: Methods, Participation We received responses either through the institutional survey or individuals representing 46 of the 54 American Library Association (ALA)—accredited LIS schools in the United States and from 2,119 of the approximately 6,589 total LIS graduates. Michigan prepared its own compilation in summary form, and […]