June 20, 2018

Albany Public Library Partners with Transportation Authority

New York’s Albany Public Library (APL) has formed an alliance with a city agency that isn’t often associated with the library—the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA)—on several innovative programs designed to bring library workers and patrons to its branches by bus and bike.

Reginald Burnette Jr. & Anthony Propernick | Movers & Shakers 2017 – Innovators

When Reginald Burnette Jr. was in third grade, one of his grandfathers gave him a bicycle. “He would work on his car and do an oil change, and…I would do a tire change [on my bike],” says Burnette, who has a degree in culinary arts and goes by “Chef Boy RB” or just RB.

Seattle Public Library Puts Books on Bikes

A small group of Seattle Public Library (SPL) staff will be pedaling—and peddling—books on the pavement this summer, thanks to the new Books on Bikes pilot program. Librarians on bicycles are traveling to several outdoor events across the city with a custom-built book trailer that can carry 500 pounds of materials and display 75 books at a time. The bicycling librarians will hold book talks, pop-up story times, and information sessions at venues large and small in public parks, farmers markets, and at other community events.