February 17, 2018

Book Scanners | Product Spotlight

Whether you need a flatbed scanner integrated with a payment system for patron use, or one that will protect rare oversize maps while creating a digital record, there’s a scanner for your library. Today’s book scanners are fast (many can scan a page in under two seconds) and provide optical resolution of up to 800 dots per inch (dpi) on sheets reaching a massive 35″ x 25″ in size. With such a wealth of options, your only problem may be deciding which scanner to choose. LJ has highlighted some of the newest offerings from a number of providers.

Product Watch | Library Scanners

LJ looks at how scanners are being used in libraries big and small Think of library scanning, and massive digitization initiatives such as the controversial Google Books project spring to mind. But the varieties of library scanners run the gamut: although some libraries do indeed make use of scanners for large-scale projects involving thousands of pages […]