February 17, 2018

Bookstore or College Store: Building a Relationship | From the Bell Tower

College bookstores are evolving for a future that is based less on textbooks and more on supporting the course material ecosystem, campus services, and merchandise. When it comes to textbook issues, academic librarians and the campus bookstore should work together to give students affordable solutions.

Mindy Reed | Movers & Shakers 2015 — Innovators

Recycled Reads, the bookstore Mindy Reed helped start as a home for discarded books from the Austin Public Library, embodies what Reed loves most about being a librarian: the mission of social justice. In this case, to make sure no book goes to waste.

Why You Should Care About the Campus Bookstore | Peer to Peer Review

how should libraries participate in assisting students with identifying and acquiring cheaper course materials, especially those that come from a source other than the campus library? Does the creation of a research guide or flyer for textbooks that points to commercial sources other than the campus bookstore fit into the library’s mission and role on campus? More generally, what is the library’s responsibility when it comes to textbooks?