February 16, 2018

Library Removes Referendum Signs from Branches Hosting Early Voting

Acting on a complaint from a Mecklenburg County (NC) commissioner, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML) officials last week removed signs providing information about a referendum on a proposed sales tax increase, which would benefit the library, from all 14 branches serving as early voting locations.

Center for an Urban Future Re-Envisions New York’s Branch Libraries

From the Andrew Carnegie–era temples of learning to the small cinderblock “Lindsay boxes” built during Mayor John Lindsay’s administration from 1966–1973, New York City’s 207 library branches are as varied as its population. And like much of the city, they are feeling the crunch of budget cuts and neglect.

USF Library to Return to 24-Hour Operation After Students Protest Cuts

With belts tightening in departments across campus, the University of South Florida library faced cuts to its hours, which had been 24 hours a day, five days a week. Administrators, though, seemingly underestimated how much USF students counted on the library to play host to all night study sessions. When the reduced hours went into effect on August 26, USF students returned to school to find a library that opened at 7:30 a.m. weekday mornings, only to shutter its doors at midnight. In response, hundreds of students protested the decision with “sit-outs” and letter writing campaigns. Those protests paid off last week, when administration and library officials announced the return of the library’s popular ‘up-all-night’ schedule.

The Library Budget | Backtalk

A long, long time ago, when the earth was still cooling and dinosaurs roamed far and wide unburdened by thoughts of their own extinction, the library’s budget was a casually understood thing – there was always a little more than the year before, and the important thing was that you didn’t get carried away.

Monday Service Restored at Los Angeles Libraries

The Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) announced this week that it has restored Monday hours to its Central Library and all of its 72 branches—hours that had been cut due to budget rollbacks last year. In a press release, LAPL stated that funds for the restoration had been made available due to voter approval of […]

Arts vs. Libraries in San Diego Budget

In Los Angeles, it came down to libraries versus the police and fire departments. Now, in San Diego, it seems the library and arts organizations are the ones going head-to-head.