March 17, 2018

Building an Advocacy Team and Getting It Engaged | Trustees’ Corner

If there’s anything the 2016 presidential election cycle taught us, it’s be prepared. We can never underestimate the groundswell of support for an issue, institution, or person who may not support what a library provides to its community; the reliance on fake news rather than on facts (and how easy it is to have it go viral); or the power of emotion over reason.

Lance Werner | Movers & Shakers 2016 – Change Agents

In 2011, at Lance Werner’s very first board meeting as the new director of the Kent District Library (KDL), he asked for a half million dollars for ebooks. “Many of my friends and colleagues thought I was crazy to make such a big request as a brand-new director,” Werner admits. The board turned Werner down. But at the second meeting, they decided to make a $400,000 investment in ebooks.