February 16, 2018

Change and the Discourse of Fear | Peer to Peer Review

In a course I teach, we spend a little time thinking about the role fear plays in the construction of social issues. Philip Jenkins and Joel Best have both written persuasively about the ways in which anxiety is a potent lever for influencing public opinion and gaining attention for various causes. Once a problem has been identified and named, various claims-makers have incentives to associate their pet issues with the named threat, often expanding the domain of the problem by widening its purported influence. In the process, the threat is often distorted.

Public Libraries Expect Change, Focus on Ebooks

U.S. Public Libraries: A Snapshot of Priorities & Perspectives, based on a survey conducted by OCLC, found that most public library staff anticipate that the top reason patrons are using their library will change in five years, though most of those think the change will be modest. Today, however, borrowing books and materials remain the […]

Sharing for the Future | Blatant Berry

From the beginning of the modern library movement librarians have unselfishly shared their best ideas, innovations, strategies, management insights, and plans with one another. While there has been some competition and rivalry among libraries, it has never hampered the profession’s willingness to share success and failures.