February 17, 2018

Brian Grubbs | Movers & Shakers 2016 – Educators

When Brian Grubbs moved to Springfield, MO, in 2007 so his wife, Erin, could attend graduate school, he found that his own master’s degree in museum studies wasn’t landing him a job. After a few months, Erin spotted a promising listing on the Springfield–Greene County Library District’s website: a position digitizing collections documenting the Civil War in the Ozarks.

My Busman’s Holiday | Not Dead Yet

“Busman’s Holiday” seems like a more seemly title for this column than what I originally planned to use to describe how I’ve been spending my winter vacation: “an orgy of reading.” But that’s really what I’ve been indulging in, and am at present very happily drunk on words. Having earned a BS in literature years ago, I tend not to read serious stuff any longer (the second class in which we had to study Sartre’s Nausea cured me of so-called serious literature) and now I mostly read mysteries for fun… but that changed a bit last year because of a library conference.