April 20, 2018

Major CPU Security Flaw: What Libraries Need to Know

Intel Corporation this week acknowledged two serious, processor-level security vulnerabilities—named “Meltdown” and “Spectre”—that affect virtually all computers manufactured during the past decade that contain the company’s market- leading CPUs. Processors manufactured by ARM and AMD may also be affected by Spectre, reportedly the more difficult flaw to exploit.

Impact Survey Aims to Help Libraries Increase, Explain Their Worth

All librarians want to serve their communities and patrons as best they can, but knowing how best to provide that service isn’t always easy. The demands of day to day duties, not to mention privacy concerns, can make it hard for staffers to learn the finer details of how patrons are using their services. Without a clear picture of how services like computer access are being put to use, it can be difficult to determine how to fine tune them to the needs of users. Now, researchers at the University of Washington (UW) iSchool have introduced the Impact Survey, a tool that lets patrons anonymously report on how they use library technology while they’re using it, helping librarians understand how—and when—patrons are interacting with the access to technological resources that they provide—and to demonstrate the value of those services to local governments.