March 17, 2018

A Love Note to Keynotes | Peer to Peer Review

Once, toward the start of my librarian career, I set three different alarms so I wouldn’t miss an early-morning conference keynote. I sense I should be embarrassed by this, as keynotes and keynoters are now spoken of with the genteelly horrified disdain Wodehousian elders reserved for unmarried chorines, but it’s still true, and I am not ashamed.

Books & Bibles: Christian Writers Gather in Dallas

Wilda Williams reports on the American Christian Fiction Writers’ conference.

A Conference Wherever You Are

The virtual conference experience improves—but don’t write off the real thing just yet The package from Amigos Library Services, Dallas, arrived in my mail one week before I was scheduled to deliver the closing keynote talk for the Amigos Member Conference 2011 last May. Why would I be getting a package for a virtual conference? […]