March 18, 2018

Data, Discovery, Readers, and Records — ER&L 2014 In Review

Managing e-resources, developing collections, evaluating user behavior, and making e-content accessible is equal parts challenge and opportunity. This free LJ webcast, developed by Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L), offers attendees a brief look at user’s expectations, how e-content is presented to our users, what we need from our vendor partners to make e-content accessible, and tools to better analyze our user data.Archive is now available!

Maximizing Access and Collecting/Analyzing Data via Discovery Products: Q & A with ProQuest’s Andrew Nagy

LJ, in cooperation with ER & L (Electronic Resources & Libraries), is presenting a series of three free webcasts focusing on best practices for Data-Driven Academic Libraries. ProQuest is the presenting sponsor of the series, and LJ reached out to Andrew Nagy, a Senior Product Manager, Discovery Services at Serials Solutions, for a vendor perspective on this essential best practice.

NISO Open Discovery Initiative Releases Survey

The Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) is conducting a survey on discovery services. ODI, a working group of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), aims to develop a recommended practice, with the goal of broader participation of content providers and increased transparency to libraries. Libraries that have implemented or plan to implement a discovery service, organizations […]

Unpacking the Draft Code of Practice for Discovery Services | Backtalk

The draft code of practice for discovery services proposed by NFAIS doesn’t grapple with some of the business realities that underlie why some of the challenges facing the creation and use of a discovery service exist, and why they plausibly will continue to exist regardless of what may be best for a user and her discovery process.