February 17, 2018

Publisher Plaintiffs Post GSU Court Costs, To Be Held Pending Appeal

The publisher plaintiffs in the Georgia State University (GSU) ereserves copyright case deposited $ 3,271,275 into the Commercial Registry of the Court for the Northern District of Georgia to cover the attorney’s fees and costs of GSU, the prevailing party in the dispute. However, the money will be held in escrow until the appeal is decided.

GSU Ereserves Plaintiffs File Appeal

The plaintiffs in the Georgia State University ereserves case today appealed the decision to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Orinda Evans of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia ruled largely in GSU’s favor on May 11, holding only a handful of GSU’s usages to be infringement. Plaintiffs Cambridge University […]

GSU Injunction Rejected; Plaintiffs Must Pay Legal Fees

On August 10, Judge Orinda Evans rejected the “more narrowly tailored injunction” proposed by the plaintiffs in the Georgia State University (GSU) ereserves case. Earlier this year, Evans found five cases of infringing behavior on GSU’s part; the other seventy instances considered were either dismissed on technical grounds or held to be fair use. Evans […]

GSU Ereserves Plaintiffs Propose Injunction

The plaintiffs in the Georgia State University (GSU) ereserves case—Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Sage Publications—made one last attempt at getting the broader injunction they originally proposed before the trial but, realistically, offered as an alternative “a more narrowly tailored injunction” that more or less hews to the reasoning the court displayed in […]

Does It Pay To Sue Libraries? | Peer to Peer Review

Ever since the Georgia State e-reserves copyright lawsuit was filed in April 2008, the academic library (and faculty who were aware of it) community has been waiting to find out how Judge Orinda Evans would view the provision of digital course readings under fair use.  Now we know, based on her May 11 ruling, that […]

ARL Criticizes Copyright Clearance Center's Role in GSU E-Reserves Case

Andrew Albanese over at Publishers Weekly recently covered the latest back and forth between the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) relating to the Georgia State E-Reserves case. According to the story, ARL director Charles Lowry has written a letter criticizing the CCC for funding 50% of the plaintiffs’ litigation […]