February 17, 2018

Health DVDs | Collection Development

While Fitbits and smartphones have taken “home fitness” outdoors, the consumer health DVD market continues to yield high customer appeal. These 31 programs offer plenty of viewing advice.

“I’ve Never Been So Sweaty in a Library” | Programs That Pop

Hearing this from a patron’s mouth after completing one of my Punk Rock Aerobics workouts made me beam like Iggy Pop was signing autographs and I was next in line. Having worked in the programming department of Sacramento Public Library, CA, where we were encouraged to innovate in order to create programs that would draw in nonusers, I became accustomed to bringing my own passions to my job. As a roller derby skater (Lipstick Librarian of the Sac City Rollers) and fitness fanatic, this led to the genesis of Punk Rock ­Aerobics.

Fit for the Library: Clemson Students Study on Stationary Bikes

Clemson University’s Cooper Library has a new addition that may seem out of place at first glance—a study hall filled with stationary exercise bikes. The space isn’t being taken over by the phys ed department, though. The bikes are FitDesks, specially equipped cycles with attached desktops that allow riders to be readers as well, and they’re part of a new study by Clemson psychologist Dr. June Pilcher on the effects of exercise on productivity and learning.