April 20, 2018

$1 Million Gates Grant to Fund Chicago, Aarhus Libraries’ Innovation Partnership | ALA Annual 2013

On June 30, at the Chicago Public Library’s YouMedia wing, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant will allow the Chicago Public Library (CPL) and Aarhus Public Libraries in Denmark to work together to create a new model for innovation, experimentation and decision-making within libraries.

Lessons from Small Libraries: They’re Not Intimidated by the Present, or the Future | Editorial

“An american library horror story with a Happy Ending”: that’s the tagline on the winning application submitted for LJ’s 2012 Best Small Library in America Award. In today’s library world, with shrinking budgets, staff, and hours, we all understand the horror story. It’s the happy ending that’s difficult to envision.