April 20, 2018

Barbie Bod Mods | Programs That Pop

Raziel Reid’s win of A 2014 Governor General award for When Everything Feels Like the Movies (Arsenal Pulp) sparked many conversations through our teen library groups and brought to light their questions and personal concerns. With topics of gender and identity taking center stage in the media, we believed it was a good time to create a program that addressed societal ideals, body image, and gender identity—and celebrated diversity. A bag of old Barbie dolls languishing under Lisa Mudrakoff’s desk proved to be the perfect foundation for a program in social literacy that would also be creative and fun, meeting teens’ requests for exciting tactile events that allowed them to get their hands dirty while also addressing the topics brought to mind by Reid’s novel.

The Best Man for the Job is a Woman | Leading From the Library

A flurry of studies, reports, and articles are pointing to new findings about gender and leadership. Men and woman bring different strengths to the practice of leadership. Let’s avoid arguing about who’s better, and focus instead on how the sexes can learn from each other and improve as leaders.