April 24, 2018

Amazon Forces Unglue.it To Suspend Crowdfunding Operations

Unglue.it, the new crowdfunding site that encourages authors and publishers to make their ebooks available under a Creative Commons license, today was forced to suspend all active campaigns, after Amazon informed the organization that it would no longer process its pledge payments. Eric Hellman, founder of Unglue.it developer Gluejar Inc., told LJ that an Amazon representative had informed them that crowdfunding, in general, presents regulatory and contractual issues that Amazon is having difficulty keeping pace with. According to their conversation, with the exception of Kickstarter, Amazon Payments will be rejecting business with all new crowdfunding operations.

ALA Midwinter 2012: Gluejar to Make Soft Launch of Website at ALA Midwinter

The innovative project is an attempt to come up with a working business model that would create widespread, unencumbered access to ebooks, and bridge the differences between rights holders and readers (including library patrons).