February 16, 2018

Commencement Time | Not Dead Yet

Last week I enjoyed one of my favorite times of the year: Commencement Week at Harvard. I love it then because so many students bring their parents and families into the libraries to see the glorious resources to which they’ve had access during their studies here. There’s a definite feeling of excitement in the air, and both the parents and students are absolutely sparkling with energy and lively interest. Serving at the Information Desk I get to meet lots of these folks, and I enjoy answering the myriad questions they pose.

Coming of Age | Collection Development

Coming of Age. Rites of passage such as quinceañera, bar/bat mitzvah, and prom are honored in cultures worldwide. These 23 resources share advice on how to celebrate; from the April 1 issue.

Does Retention Matter in Alt-Higher Ed? | From the Bell Tower

Retention, or demonstrating the connection between it and library use, is central to the library value proposition—or we’d like it to be. Research on retention may help us figure out how to best demonstrate that connection—but in a drastically altered higher ed landscape, it may matter far less.