April 19, 2018

Judge Dismisses Authors’ Lawsuit Against Google Books

In what analysts are describing as a big win for scholars and libraries, federal circuit court judge Denny Chin today dismissed a lawsuit against Google brought by the Authors Guild claiming that the company had violated copyrights by digitizing millions of books and making short samples of the works available via its Google Books service. In the decision, Chin stated that Google Books provided “significant public benefits,” and that the digitized works were protected by the principle of fair use.

Author’s Guild Seeks Partial Judgment on Hathi Trust’s Fair Use

In the ongoing litigation between the Hathi Trust and the Author’s Guild over the Trust’s book digitization in partnership with Google, the Guild filed for partial judgment on the pleadings on February 28. In essence, the Guild claimed that the more than 60 libraries and institutions in the trust are infringing on copyright because their book digitization activities “are wildly exceeding” those defined in section 108 of the 1976 Copyright Act.