March 20, 2018

Feedback: Letters to LJ, January 2012

The MLS belittled While I realize the inclusion of the Annoyed Librarian (AL) on your website is driving up traffic, AL’s blog entry [“New Grads on the Market,”] is not amusing. As you at LJ must know, finding entry-level positions for new MLS grads is next to impossible. The degree is not enough; now […]

Sharing for the Future | Blatant Berry

From the beginning of the modern library movement librarians have unselfishly shared their best ideas, innovations, strategies, management insights, and plans with one another. While there has been some competition and rivalry among libraries, it has never hampered the profession’s willingness to share success and failures.

The New Normal: Annual Library Budgets Survey 2012

Library Journal’s annual budget survey reveals that many public libraries are, at best, furiously treading water.
The 388 libraries that responded to the survey projected a negligible overall decrease in their total 2012 operating budgets (0.7 percent). Materials budgets are down 1.2 percent. And personnel budgets are relatively flat, with an uptick of just 0.2 ­percent.