March 20, 2018

Can You Explain First Sale Using Only the Ten-Hundred Most Common Words?

I think we can all agree: First Sale is important. But can you explain it in the simplest terms possible? We aimed to find “The Story of ‘First Time Buying’ Idea for Book-Sharing Places”

Kirtsaeng v. Wiley | Backtalk

What if you had to ask permission before selling, lending, or even giving away your books? On October 29, the Supreme Court hears oral argument in the case of Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons, a case that could change the way we own everything from books to watches. Libraries, who own books, movies, and other copyrighted works on behalf of all of us, could be hit especially hard.

Eyes Wide Open? | Peer to Peer Review

Ask a librarian how many books she has in her collection, and you will usually get a pretty accurate answer. But ask where those books were printed, and you will get a confused look. Notice I said printed, not published. Our catalog records contain place of publication, but that is not the same as place […]

Supreme Court Asked to Review Significant First Sale Ruling

The August decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could seriously affect the ability of libraries to lend foreign-made works if left intact.