March 17, 2018

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 1, 2012 Issue

Outreach now My problem after 25-plus years as a professional is that I no longer get to do the things I got into this profession to do (Cheryl LaGuardia, “The Key to Long-Term Library Sanity,” Not Dead Yet, I never gave a hoot about teaching someone to read quality literature, I just liked to […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, July 2012 Issue

Captured by bandits Thanks for the terrific editorial (Francine Fialkoff, “NYPL Secrecy Must Go,” LJ 6/15/12, p. 8). I left the New York Public Library (NYPL) before these agreements were in place…. I attended the meeting and was one of the people who spoke up. There is nothing they can do about anything I say. […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, June 1, 2012 Issue

“The very name WorldCat is a mockery to the 80 percent of the world’s libraries… shut out…because they cannot afford to pay”