March 18, 2018

Feedback: Letters to LJ, April 15, 2013 Issue

The Twitter thing I was going to hold off commenting on the twitter thing—largely because I believe in an age of ubiquitous tools you have every right to choose what works for you (Cheryl LaGuardia, “Stuff I Don’t Understand About Libraries Right Now,” Not Dead Yet.) But I may as well tell you what I […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, April 1, 2013 Issue

American Indians, too Thank you for your editorial on diversity in the library profession (Michael Kelley, “Diversity Never Happens,” LJ 2/15/13, p. 8). As a non-Indian member of the American Indian Library Association and acutely aware of the lack of visibility given to the most neglected minority in this country (although at one point in […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, March 15, 2013 Issue

Prove library diversity As a preprofessional librarian of color, I appreciate the initiative taken by LJ’s editor to bring professional attention to the issue of diversity (Michael Kelley, “Diversity Never Happens,” Editorial, LJ 2/15/13, p. 8). If librarians really want to see more diversity of library professionals, they must answer a hard question and answer […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, February 15, 2013 Issue

Certainly pro-gun After reading Michael Kelley’s “No Guns in the Library” (Editorial, LJ 1/13, p. 8), I was struck by only one thought: hypocrisy! Libraries and librarians have always been all about supporting the First Amendment, but apparently anyone who shows the same support of the Second Amendment is a “radical” or a “morally purblind […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, February 1, 2013 Issue

What about our work? Here’s the problem: if this was space to “play” in for those with time to play (Jennifer Koerber “The Harvard Labrary: A Design Experiment in Library,”, there is still all that work that has to be done. None of those who don’t have enough time to get the work done […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, December 1, 2012 Issue

For the Harper model I agree with Michael Kelley (“A Modest Ebook Proposal,” Editorial, LJ 11/1/12, p. 8). If there must be limits on ebooks for libraries, I would much rather have the HarperCollins model with its reasonable (for library ebooks) prices and their immediate availability. We are using the 3M platform, and we just gained access […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 15, 2012 Issue

More than data We need to see library as platform as more than just data facilitation (David Weinberger, “The Library as Platform,” Librarians serve as a platform for dialog with users who often struggle to handle data well. Everything from helping them to optimize database searches to guiding them in formatting citations. We do […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 1, 2012 Issue

Outreach now My problem after 25-plus years as a professional is that I no longer get to do the things I got into this profession to do (Cheryl LaGuardia, “The Key to Long-Term Library Sanity,” Not Dead Yet, I never gave a hoot about teaching someone to read quality literature, I just liked to […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, October 15, 2012 Issue

Service vs. servant I very much appreciate the difference Wayne Bivens-Tatum makes between service and servant (Wayne Bivens-­Tatum, “Assisting Research Versus Research Assistance | Peer to Peer Review,” It is an important distinction. Librarians need to be more involved in faculty research at all levels but as partners, not grunts. However, the distinction is […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, October 1, 2012 Issue

I was so sorry to learn that Francine ­Fialkoff is leaving LJ and have so appreciated all her hard work in the library world. Her work on Day of Dialog on behalf of librarians was outstanding; we will miss seeing her there. Her voice on behalf of the profession via LJ has led to some outstanding campaigns and benefit to libraries and their staffs….