March 17, 2018

Authors Guild Appeals HathiTrust Decision, Library Copyright Alliance Issues Statement

On November 8, the Authors Guild appealed the verdict in its case against the HathiTrust to the U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit. The Guild had filed suit against the Trust in 2011, alleging that the Trust’s digitization efforts constituted copyright infringement. However, on October 10, Judge Baer of the United States District Court Southern […]

Library Associations Defend Right to Lend Books Printed Abroad in Supreme Court Filing

The Library Copyright Alliance (LCA) today filed a friend of the court brief in the case of John Wiley & Sons v. Supap Kirtsaeng, which raises the issue of whether the first sale doctrine applies to books printed overseas and imported into the U.S. The LCA argues that, if the Supreme Court were to confirm that the first sale doctrine does not apply to books printed overseas, it would prevent libraries from lending major parts of their collections.

Supreme Court to Hear Case on First Sale of Imported Textbooks

The Supreme Court agreed on April 16 to hear a case on whether an overseas purchaser of a copyrighted work may resell it in the U.S. without the copyright holder’s permission. The petitioner is Supap Kirtsaeng, who resold textbooks published by John Wiley & Sons that were purchased overseas to U.S.-based students without the publisher’s […]